Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

After weeks of Samsung hogging the spotlight on updates, LG has finally stepped up and rolled out the update to one of its devices. The latest smartphone to receive an update to Android 11 is the LG V60 ThinQ 5G. 
The update is rolling out to LG V60 ThinQ 5G devices on T-Mobile. According to a tipster of ours, the update will automatically start after March 9th at 3:00 AM. But there’s no official word on when T-Mobile will be rolling out the OTA delivery from their dedicated software support webpage. There have been some users who shared screenshots on Reddit and Twitter so this could be happening pretty soon. 
The update includes January 2021 security patches and has a size of around 2.2GB. The update is said to be rolling out in batches so you might not get to see it on your device right away. T-Mobile’s dedicated support page, however, says that they will be lifting the daily limit on March 9th so the update should be arriving on your device soon.
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If you go to security -> updates you can update today, otherwise it will automatically updated on March 9
Just updated mine today
Curious to know what’s different?
The only obvious thing I have found so far is the volume control has changed when upbor down volume is pressed. Not better or worse but different. Notifications look more compact. I suppose I will have to go online and read what is different in Android 11
Bright er screen and louder speakers.
I’ll pick one up if it drops down to $300. I don’t believe LG’s commitment to the smartphone business. So there’s a good chance that all existing LG phones will stop receiving support and become paper weights in the near future.
I thought we would get Stand Alone 5g with this update but apparently not. How disappointing. Or am I missing something?
My bad. I guess I don’t have stand alone in my area yet.
After reading your post, I decided to do a speed test and was shocked to get 88mb/s I usually got 40. I thought it might be the update, but I did the test again on my daughter’s identical phone without the upgrade and her phone was doing 79mbs. So it wasn’t the phone switching to some new mode, since the results are about the same. I guess Tmobile must have done an upgrade to my local tower.
That’s still slow compared to what it could do. I get that much on 4g and around 150 on 5g. I keep it on 4g because 5g hogs battery. Stand alone would be better.. I think… It’s supposed to be super fast.
My phone got the SA update. Works great.
Make sure you have the R15 (?) SIM card; that’s required for 5G SA. I do have that SIM and 5G is far better that it was non-stand alone
I’m checking that out now. Thank you!
Nice to finally get the update to 11.
However, the dredded charge port flex cable issue is showing up on my V60.
Brother had his exchanged for 20 bucks, and just a matter of time before that goes out too.
I believe it’s designed in a way to allow the dual screen to function in such a way. Just a real crappy design for the port seat.
Where did you get that changed?
Lg decided to use a long flex cable to attach the usb socket to the board. Unlike most oems that use just the socket connected directly on the board.
It’s just a matter of time before normal use movement of the phone loosens up the cable. When that happens charging via cable is more miss than hit.
Call up tmobile if you have that issue, phone should be at or under a yrs warranty through them, 20 for the exchange, and sent it overnight. Ymmv. If not, good luck, last time I used lg I had to let my phone go for 2 weeks.
Google lg V60 charge port issue, its becoming fairly common.
Do they exchange with a refurb?
It’s a refurb. and chances are the problem will return, at some point.
I doubt lg would re-engineer how the port sits as that would be financially prohibited.
Battery last me all day and I qi at night, and that seems to work just fine. It’s backing up all my info I need to via wireless share that annoys me. Just using the port to sync as the phone is on a desk works, but getting a good connection can take a bit.
You’re welcome for the help, that’s why I’m here. And good luck.
You can also charge wireless. It’s a bit slower but I’m not going anywhere. Also, I don’t use the phone when I’m charging with a wire. I have had such bad experiences with refurb. Honestly, the refurbs are worse than the phone you have.
Thanks, I have that problem. I thought it had something to do with taking it in and out of the second screen case. Now half the time I plug it in and I get this “ping, ping, ping ping ping” noise as it repeatedly connects and disconnects.
I suppose I will have to take it in to Tmoble.
Thx for the help.
Mine had the same problem. T-Mobile sent me an exchange unit. Nothing to do with the dual screen, mine doesn’t have the second display
What is the port flex cable issue?
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